Journalist claims Guimaraes didn’t like what Howe did

Bruno Guimarães managed to get people to speak up about his actions on the pitch after he made an impressive turn on Friday night, with Newcastle United taking three valuable points against Wolverhampton, but it is clear that the Brazilian didn’t like one of Eddie Howe’s decisions.

Guimarães was key to a resolute Newcastle, battling away in midfield throughout the match. He won 12 duels in a tie and also won 5 free kicks, which proves to be a real nuisance to Wolves. Guimaraes had a 100% dribbling success rate in the game and found his goal in four long balls from five attempts.

This performance helped his side win 1-0, a result that leaves The Magpies 10 points from relegation and is as good as a safety, a dream for the club at some point in the season.

It wasn’t all rosy, however, as journalist Chris Wu noted on Twitter to the Brazilian’s surprise when he was substituted and the 24-year-old wasn’t “happy” with the exit.

Wough continued by saying:He kept referring to himself in surprise, but Hu and Tyndall are five.”

Although the midfielder wasn’t happy to walk out after such a performance, he at least admitted to his manager, suggesting there were no hard feelings.

No player wants to pay off and it looks like he was just one of those.

The 24-year-old will be a key player in Newcastle’s rise over the next few seasons, and it is best if they keep him happy so they can see the best of the Brazilian.