Welcome to the future: What happens when police stop a self-driving car with nobody inside? (VIDEO)

aA video clip appeared on the Internet today where a future situation occurred, units of the San Francisco Police Department stopped a car that was driving without headlights, when they got to the car they discovered that it was empty.

After the initial stop, the officers approached the car as a routine stop for these kinds of problems, and when they noticed it was a self-driving car they looked confused, and suddenly, the car started advancing again as if there was nothing there. wrong. The officers quickly returned in their cruisers and followed the car that had stopped again some distance away.

And someone who witnessed the event heard: “No one in it – this is madness.”

The unit is powered by Cruise, a General Motors-backed self-driving car company that deploys autonomous driving technology for car-sharing services operated by driverless cars.

The company started the testing period since 2015

Since the initial trials, the car has been running on its own but there was a person in the car as a backup in case things went sideways, however, in 2021 its next phase began where the service could be used without anyone there to secure the proper jobs.

The car was not lit due to human error

Tiffany Test

Cruise official Tiffany Testo stated that the car “wasn’t turning on its headlights due to human error, which is why SFPD approached it, and we fixed the issue that led to that” and also stated that the company provided a number for contacts with the company in case they had questions.

Cruise isn’t the only company racing to cash in on the self-driving car phenomenon

Waymo is another company committed to putting self-driving cars in San Francisco. Waymo works with the same model in Arizona For a little over a year.

While Self-driving cars Part of the present, there are many kinks to be discovered, and people are excited to participate in testing this New riding experiences. People interested in horse riding must sign a disclosure agreement

There is a waiting list for people who want to be in trials

Another company entering the market is Nuro, the only difference is that it focuses on transporting goods, rather than transporting people.