Horrific details emerge from burglary involving Ashley Cole

Shocking details of the robbery of former Chelsea and Arsenal player Ashley Cole and his girlfriend emerged at a court hearing today, as a gang threatened to cut Cole’s fingers with pliers while storming his home with violence.

The daily Mail According to a report, the hack occurred in January 2020 at their home and the couple had watches, cell phones, money, a Gucci bag, headphones and a BMW smart key stolen from their possessions.

Cole’s home was targeted by raiders dressed in camouflage clothing, who forced their way into the home of former England defender and partner Sharon Kano with a sledgehammer and then proceeded to tie his hands behind his back and demanded jewelry and watches.

Ashley Cole and his girlfriend have been targeted by the gang

The court heard some horrific details from today’s robbery, such as Cole’s hands covered in Febreze deodorant in an apparent attempt to destroy DNA evidence before a group of up to six men fled the home in Phetcham, Surrey, when police arrived.

The court also heard that Cole’s hands were also tied behind his back with cable ties, while one of the “more aggressive” attackers kept saying “Let’s cut his fingers off”.

One of the men involved has also been accused of being part of a six-member gang that allegedly stole £3.75m from the Portland Tiara from Welbeck Estate in 2018 and conspired to rob Hull City footballer Tom Huddleston’s home.

It is clear that Cole was the target of the fortune and fame that he gained when he was a footballer. The 41-year-old is considered one of the best left-backs in the Premier League, playing for clubs like Chelsea and Arsenal. The Englishman had an incredible honor roll throughout his career and earned 107 caps for England, making him the most capped full-back in England.

Cole is currently the coach of the first team at Everton, as part of Frank Lampard’s staff, and also does some analysis here and there for broadcasters in the UK.

This is a horrific story and the details that emerged today are horrifying. Hopefully Cole and his family can get over the trauma of the event, as it’s not something easy to do.