American Idol Season 20: Jimmie Allen’s touching moment on last night’s episode

menoAmerican IdolFirst, the top 24 contestants performed on stage in front of a live audience at Disney Aulani Resort In Kapolei, Hawaii, along with the judges Katy Perry and Lionel RichieAnd Luke Brian.

Jimmy Allen, a contestant on the tenth season and now a country music star, served as a mentor and helped contestants prepare for their first live appearance. “It’s all about figuring out what you do specifically and what you can learn to apply to your songwriting skills and vocal ability,” Allen said. “Let’s have fun, let’s try some new things and make some music.”

Jimmie experimented with Idol eleven years ago but was cut short before the live tours. Today, he’s one of the biggest new stars in country music, having won an award ACM Awards to new year artist and the CMA Awards to New Year’s artist. On Sunday, Jimmy had a special moment with fellow black country singer and American Idol contestant Mike Parker.

It is his journey that inspires millions of people like me

Jimmy Allen

Mike, a big fan, has already decided to perform Jimmy’s hit song “best shot“Before you knew Jimmy was this week’s teacher.

Relationship between Mike and Jimmy

Mike Parker, A Virginia carpenter, he had a heart-to-heart with Allen, whose musical journey as a black country artist inspired the 27-year-old singer.

“The beginning of his journey is very similar to my journey now, and he made me feel like there was a place for me in country music,” Parker said in a pre-recorded interview. “I will remember this day until I leave this earth.”

Allen was moved to tears during rehearsal when he saw the effect he had on Parker. Allen recalls: “My mom always used to tell me, ‘You’re not doing this just for you.'” Hearing you tell me I’m inspired reminds me of my goal.

On stage, Parker performed a brilliant performance of Allen’s debut single “Best Shot”. Parker’s flawless performance was, according to Brian, “a wonderful moment” to watch. Brian said, “Thank you for making me not have to judge. I have to sit back and watch what we said to you, you begin to come together.” “I can only enjoy your birth as an artist.”

Katy Perry He described Parker’s performance and contact with Allen as a “decisive moment” for the contestant.