UK Ministry of Defence warns that Russia may use incendiary white phosphorus in Ukraine

The is British Ministry of Defense A statement was issued to warn that Russia White phosphorous munitions can be used in the Ukrainian port Mariupol.

They also indicated that the bombing continues in Donetsk and Luhansk While Ukrainian forces destroyed Russian tanks, vehicles and artillery equipment.

According to UK intelligence, the Russian army Reliance on unguided bombs, “which greatly increases the risk of further civilian casualties.”

What is white phosphorous and what causes it to humans?

white phosphorous It is a chemical compound considered by many to be a chemical weapon. It is used in smoke, lighting, and incendiary munitions, allowing ground forces to advance their operations.

But its use has negative effects on humans. shells with white phosphorous They reach extremely high temperatures upon explosion and the absorption of phosphorous causes severe damage to organs and bones.

white phosphorous Shells can be fired from tanks, armored vehicles or grenade launchers. It can also cause severe burns.