Alexander Dvornikov: Russia’s new and much-feared general in Ukraine

meIt appeared last Friday that the Russian President Russian President Vladimir Putin Put Alexander Dvornikov in the forefront RussiaEfforts to restart the invasion Ukraine.

Dvornikov She played a prominent role in Syrian warForces under his command were accused of war crimes.

After being set, a United State He warned that he has a history of “brutality against civilians” in places like Syrian Arab RepublicAnd they expected that he would apply the same type of measures in Ukraine.

There will be more war crimes

The White House National Security AdviserAnd Jake Sullivanhave stressed that Russia have already committed war crimes and that with Dvornikov responsible for other war crimes.

“This general will be just another writer of crimes and atrocities against Ukrainian civilians,” he said. Sullivan She said.

Dvornikov He has served as Commander of the Southern Military District since 2016, and is now responsible for leadership Russiaefforts in Ukraine.

The goal: to take the Donbass before May 9

According to experts, Dvornikov Until May 9 – the date that marks the victory of the Soviet Union over Nazi Germany – to take DonbassWhich RussiaIts primary goal in its current stage of its conquest.

In another interview with CBS News, Sullivan Asked if the DvornikovHe will see an appointment Russia Use of a scorched earth policy.

This policy includes the complete destruction of everything that could be useful to the enemy in war.

“We’ve already seen the scorched earth war, we’ve seen atrocities, war crimes, mass killings, horrific and shocking images from cities like Bucha, and the missile attack on Kramatorsk,” he said.

“So I think that’s an indication that we’re going to see more of that.”