Nets optimistic Ben Simmons will make team debut in first round of playoffs

The is Brooklyn Networks optimists Ben Simmons He could make his team debut during the first round of playoffs, according to Shams Al-Sharaniyah from the athlete.

“There is optimism that Nets star Ben Simmons may make his debut during the first round of the NBA playoffs as long as his progress continues to strengthen his legs and back,” Charania wrote. Simmons is ramping up his workload and is expected to continue to do so.

The Nets will first have to exit Simmons’ playing cycle to participate in his first season. Simmons has yet to play a single game for Brooklyn since it was traded from Philadelphia 76ers.

Simmons, who suffered a herniated disc in his back that required an epidural in late March, has been struggling with basketball activities recently. to me ESPN’s Adrian WojnarowskiSimmons must remain free of pain to return to Earth long overdue.