Rookie Steven Kwan breaks hit record with Cleveland Guardians

TSunday, the Cleveland Guardians rookie right fielder He made history while facing the Kansas City Royals, achieving his fifth goal in just three games.

He began his role on the board in the first episode of communication Hit to the center of the fieldthen made another song this time to leave the field in the second half, then on his turn in Fifth half He called again to make a ground kick, hit a pitch in the seventh, then came back in the eighth to penalize the ball hard. Double hit to the right field.

Kwan helped The Guardians get the impressive score of 17-3 against Kansas City

So far it’s been a great start to Quan’s career in The Guardians, and with this achievement he has become the fifth player since World War II to continue 5 hits During his first five matches in the major leagues, he is now part of the club where we can find him Yermin Mercedes who joined the five-stroke club only last season with the Chicago White Sox, Gregory Polanco in 2014 with the Pittsburg Pirates, Mike Lansing with the now-extinct Montreal Expos, and John Wehner with the Pirates. As an additional note,

Quan also hit the bowler’s ball and reached the base

CBS Sports reports Kwan isn’t for everyone but it’s a great opportunity he should have a chance at in Cleveland, it was his last season in the ERA .328 / .407/ .527was able to register 12 Runs the house He had 5 more walks of strikes. Regardless it wasn’t really thought of, one of the issues was his height, he’s 5’9 inches and there’s a chance that the league’s star bowlers will feel ‘under-threatened’ and throw hard hits.

However, to this day it has hit 3 times and also walked 3 times giving it an ERA of .600/.750/.800 so far.