American Idol: Randy Jackson shades at modern singing shows for being ‘too nice’

Randy Jacksonone of the originals American Idol The judges, on a media tour to promote the second season of Fox View game The name of this tunewhere he plays the piano in an attempt to impress the speakers.

But he also asks questions about the 20th season of American Idol. The a trip Guitarist interviewed by Yahoo Music. In the interview, he criticized the current singing competition judges for being too “soft”. He also claims that he and his fellow judges Paula Abdul And Simon Cowell opinion Kelly Clarkson As the favorite to win from the start.

Randy said Hey ho who – which Simon Cowell, who is considered a “mean” and “honest” judge of an idol, can sometimes be too much. “Of course there were times [when Cowell was too mean]. I remember the time Simon named someone—I wouldn’t use it—and I was like, “Brother, you can’t do that! This has gone too far now!”

On the other hand, Randy believes that the judges of the singing competition are very polite and are afraid of hurting the feelings of the contestants.

I might say you’re terrible it’ll help you pull things together

Randy Jackson

“Now I think they are all very nice,” Jackson told Yahoo. “This is a hard, hard, average job that doesn’t give good results.” “Being honest with someone – if you’re terrible, you’re terrible. Don’t you want to know that? I’d probably say you’re terrible is going to help you pull things together. Maybe you’ll go back to the drawing board, like, ‘No, I’m going to defeat Dawg!'” I’ll come back. I’ll be back to get you, Dawg!”

Shows the current status of the singing competition

“One of the things I don’t like today is that there is so little truth being said in these shows,” Randy said. He attributes it to the fact that it appears like American Idol And the sound It features artists on their plates rather than industry insiders like him and Simon.

Paintings are getting softer because it’s a different era 20 to 15 years later, and artists who can’t turn off their fan bases have issues with casting negative criticism. even in Simon CowellHe’s not “Simon” anymore, as far as I know. Simon is currently sitting on the board american talents, which is similar to any other contemporary talent show board. In the softer and gentler twenties and twenties, they never insulted the artists.

Randy hinted at back to American Idol When talking to the host Ryan Seacrest On his radio show earlier this week. Paula is almost certain to come back if he comes back. Who knows maybe Fremantle It is the home of both American Idol And American talents. Perhaps they will be able to make Simon Cowell appear. They will almost certainly be appearing on the big American Idols reunion special, which will air on Monday, May 2 and will feature a slew of concerts.