Manchester United make decision after Ronaldo investigation

Manchester United made their decision after investigating an incident involving Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo allegedly hit a phone from the hand of an Everton fan and was recorded in a video, as reported by Sky Sports, via Caught Offside.

The Portuguese star has issued an apology to fans by inviting him to the Manchester United match via an Instagram post, shown below.

After his apology, it was reported that Manchester United would not punish Ronaldo for his actions, according to the sun.

The club originally launched an investigation, but the report said United were pleased with their apology and would not continue the investigation.

Manchester United will not want to punish one of their stars, who is already frustrated at the moment. If United won yesterday, it is unlikely that he would have been involved in an accident.

The club will want to keep Ronaldo happy and try to avoid any unnecessary confrontation with the Portuguese superstar.

According to her, the police are investigating the situation themselves the sun.