The Most Interesting Facts About Hannibal Mejbri You Do Not Know

Hannibal Mejbri is one of the brightest talents in Manchester United’s youth system. The extremely talented midfielder is still 18 years old with a very bright future ahead of him. Mojbri made his Premier League debut in 2021, although it remains his only appearance to date.

Given how prevalent the Red Devils’ current midfield problems are, Majjri could be the wildcard’s solution. He has speed, intelligence and is not afraid of the spotlight. Like Alejandro Garnacho, Toby Collyer, and Kobbie Mainoo, Mejbri could soon be a star.

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He had a starring role in the Arab Football Cup in 2021, where he received two awards as the best player of the match with Tunisia reaching the final. He is definitely someone to watch out for in the coming years.

In this regard, football It lists the most important facts about Hannibal Mejbri that many people may not know.

1. He grew up in a large family

Hannibal Mejbri was born in Ivry-sur-Seine, France and grew up with his parents, two brothers and a sister. Mojbri was the youngest member of the family, and he was punished most often, he admits.

His parents were also very close to home, as his father Lutfi was a teacher and his mother was a former physiotherapist. This kind of closeness and bonding between the family is evident as his family comes to watch his games a lot, especially on the national stage.

Hannibal Majbri with his parents
Hannibal Majbri with his father and mother. Image credits:

2. A great student… at school

Majbri shyly admits that he was “ahead of others” at school. He learned to write and count faster than others, but as he progressed, the balance between school and football got tougher. In the end, he had to drop out of school after a certain point and decided to focus entirely on football. Majbri turned to distance education regarding languages ​​while continuing to play football.

3. He started his football career as a mascot

This is correct! Majbri used to follow his older brother to soccer matches and be the team’s mascot. From an early age, Majbri had decided to play as often as possible.

This was helped by the fact that his brother would attend many matches as well. However, this wasn’t his only passion, as Majbri was also put into swimming and chess to increase his mental fortitude. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that his impressive in-game gameplay is well thought out.

4. Dr. Majbri, anyone?

If it’s not football, what can the empiricist Hannibal do? Well, according to his father, Majbri was going to become a doctor or a lawyer. This is why his parents were so intent on making sure that Mojbéri got the best education possible. Al Mujrabi knew very well how life exists outside of football. His father always cared about Mojbri’s interests and wanted to protect him at an early age.

5. Poetry is the first love

The first thing anyone will notice about my magpie is his curly hair. The player himself is very fond of him, having had a haircut from his early years. Maghribery has never cut his hair and has described his hairstyle as “beautiful”. No intention of cutting it, forced hair is the most important aspect of his look.

He knows the significance of the unique image, although there are some scorns. In the FA Youth Cup match against Leeds, opponents’ fans mocked him with chants of “Tahiti Pop” from The Simpsons. However, Maghbri had the last laugh as Manchester United won the match over the Peacock.

6. Zidane and Ben Arfa as inspiration

Although he doesn’t have any solo players, Mojbri focuses on the players who made the difference better. Zinedine Zidane was one of the most legendary players who could turn games on their own. Hatem Ben Arfa was one of the smartest, toughest players and moments of immense genius. Mojbri wants to be the kind of player to be remembered for because he has made his team perform so well on a regular basis.

7. He wants to inspire young people from Tunisia

Al-Majbri’s decision to represent Tunisia in his native France surprised many people. He has already played for the France U-16 and U-17 national team. However, there was no doubt on the part of the young man who was always overwhelmed with support. Furthermore, Mojbri hopes that his decision will allow other children to play football to be true to their roots.

There sure is no glamor like choosing a European country. However, for Majbri, this was a very personal choice as he was clear about his origins and what he wanted on the international stage.

Hannibal Majbri
Hannibal Mejbri plays for Tunisia. Image credits:

8. Not one but two superpowers

Yes, Hannibal Mujbéry wishes for two superpowers he loves. The first, of course, to be invisible. Sometimes football life can be overwhelming and stressful. Therefore, he was going to escape from the public eye. The second desire is to fly and that seems obvious too, given how fast you can travel and get to places.

9. Dreams in football and beyond

Hannibal Majbri dreams of many things. First and foremost is that he has some great football records. However, what is very impressive is how he thinks about the world as well. Mojbri wants to improve people’s living conditions, especially in Africa, and make sure he can do his part. This personality type helps shape his game further by having a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong.

10. The French connection helped move United

Manchester United have many youngsters full of talent in their academies. Garnacho, Collyer and Mainoo are some of the famous names, but Mejbri’s switch to Old Trafford was in part thanks to another player. Noam Emram, who signed United in 2019, praised the club and the environment that convinced Mojbari he was making the right move.

This could benefit both parties enormously as United have acquired another gem while Majbri can thrive as he advances.