Boxing: Ryan Garcia’s doubts: Who will be his next opponent?

sYan Garcia consolidated his unbeaten streak with his dominant points win Emmanuel Tagou in San Antonio.

Garcia returned to the ring for the first time in 15 months and had to go the distance to win by unanimous decision of the judges: 119-110, 119-110, 118-109.

The American lightweight fought 22 fights unbeaten And speculation about who will be his next fight is already gaining momentum.

Joe Joe Diaz

Joe Diaz was watching from the stands when Garcia beat Tago and asked if he would fight Garcia.

“Sure, I’m the type to never dribble anyone or dodge anyone, and if Ryan wants to sign the contract and you sign the contract, we can move on,” Diaz told DAZN.

“But it would be difficult for me and the big fighters and dogs in the 135-pound division to get into the ring with a guy like Ryan Garcia.

I feel like Garcia doesn’t have that heart to be in the ring with big dogs.

Jerfonta Davis

This is a fight everyone wants to see. Gervonta Davis’ exceptional punching power will be a severe test for Garcia.

The duo were in talks to fight in 2021, but Garcia’s initial intentions to face Mane Pacquiao put the negotiations on hold

Davis fights Rolly Romero On May 28, and should he win, we could see the former lightweight world champion enter the ring with Garcia in early fall.

Vasily Lumanchenko

If Garcia is looking for another big name for his face, Vasily Lumanchenko That could be the answer. Lumanchenko is currently in Ukraine to help his country in its war against Russia.

When he returns, Lomanchenko will be looking to bring himself back into the lightweight scene, and a fight with Garcia is sure to do just that.