Not time for Erik?

Eric Ten Hag to Manchester United. It seems to happen. After much deliberation and a lengthy interview process, Ten Hag emerged as the most likely candidate. He’s had a great career, but under the radar so far. So it is only natural that the selection will fill United fans with a lot of excitement.

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The Dutchman has already interviewed him and the two seem happy with each other. For his part, Tin Hag declined to comment on his future direction.


However, fans are delighted given the work he has done with Ajax and want him dearly over favorite Mauricio Pochettino. However, Ten Hag may not be the total gold that proponents believe. football It highlights five major limitations if Ten Hag takes over at Old Trafford.

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Ten (out of ten) pilgrims

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Who comes next?


Not a manager player

One of the main areas in which Pochettino is famous. During his time with Spurs, Pochettino was revered for bringing out the best in Harry Kane, Dele Alli, Eric Dier and others. Erik ten Hag is more interested in the overall team play. He sees the whole team, and while there is room for player improvement, he falls short of Pochettino’s.


He had intense one-on-one sessions with every player and wanted to make sure everyone was developing quickly. This kind of attention to detail is something the Red Devils desperately need for their players. Marcus Rashford is facing the most difficult period of his young career.

Anthony Ilanga is still raw and needs development. Harry Maguire’s confidence has been shaken this season. Tin Hag can get the team overall but individual players need more than wins and points.

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New in the English Premier League

Having worked only in his homeland, with the exception of two years with Bayern Munich, Eric ten Hag would be a gamble. Not only for England, but he could also be disappointing in any foreign league. The English Premier League is often considered the toughest in Europe, due to its impressive work rate and level of play.


Many foreign managers have struggled over the years in order to advance quickly. Frank de Boer was famous for losing all seven of his matches for Crystal Palace before being sent off.

Moreover, the competition has increased a lot in recent years which means that United will have to work hard to compete. The club often gets impatient, so fans will want to see positive results quickly.


gentle with the media

In England, dealing with the media should be one of the three most important criteria for a new manager. Intense press coverage, questions and a barrage. Any manager in the league would have to be very effective in dealing with this matter. However, Eric Ten Hag was not a shining example in this regard. He has been described as a quiet fellow who is not overly confrontational.


On the other hand, the directors who are currently managing have gained a wealth of experience over the years. Tin Hag can get confused and even run out of answers as the season goes on, as scrutiny becomes more rigorous and difficult.


Poor game management

Like Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Ten Hag is not very proactive in reacting to in-game situations. He’s mostly kept his first 11 games all season and in the Eredivisie, and that’s usually enough if you’re Ajax. However, he will have to change his approach once he joins United. Solskjaer struggled with substitutions and often acted too late to save the match.


Ten Hag allowed the same players on the field to try to turn the results, which could not be very successful in the Premier League. On top of that, Manchester United don’t have a lot of great players who could use the bench, and that’s set to diminish further.

Ten Hag will need to bring in a lot of players if he is to run an entire season and European competition (if they qualify).


administrative chaos

Tin Hag has always had a strong board structure behind it. Bayern Munich is one of the most professionally managed clubs. Ajax has Edwin van der Sar and until recently Marc Overmars. This type of support and cohesion helps the manager to do his job to the best of his abilities. At United, there is very little consistency in anything.


Darren Fletcher can be found yelling at the referees. Richard Arnold never spoke to the media. John Murtaugh’s role in the entire setting is unclear.

Therefore, Ten Hag will be almost alone. In short, this is something completely unfamiliar to him and can take the focus away from his day job.

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