Now Cubs and Brewers clear the bench due to hit-by-pitch (VIDEO)

aOnce again the stadium seats were vacated, this time at the match at Wrigley Stadium in the Chicago Cubs when they met Milwaukee Brewers on Saturday.

In the ninth head The episode and with two wins while the Cubs were showing absolute dominance over the Brewers with an impressive 9-0 lead, the Cubs pitcher Keegan Thompson He threw a blow that changed direction to hit the Brewers in the hip while on the plate.

McCutchen The beating started verbally as he took off his gear, then the Brewers seat started out onto the field, and the Cubs did the same and met at the base line.

Both referees Members of each team prevented the incident from escalating and it all ended peacefully with Thompson being expelled from the match.

There are rumors that bowlers have been having trouble controlling MLB-regulated forward balls since 2021.

MLB approved balls

MLB approved balls

Cubbies 9-0 won the match

The breweries They weren’t the only ones who got hit, catcher Wilson Contreras Breweries have also been injured 15 times in 85 games. He was one of the most outspoken members of the team about getting hit, declaring that in the same sense the brewers didn’t try to hit him on purpose.

As he stated “But as I said before, if you don’t have the order to go in, don’t just go because you’re going to hurt someone. And I’m not trying to get hurt because of Hit by pitch.

I get, like, it’s cold, they don’t have the same grip. But I’m just saying, if I realize I don’t have the speedball drive to get in, I don’t go

Wilson Contreras

Cubs and Brewers both vacated their seats last April at the same spot when Contreras was injured. And this time around, no punches were thrown.