Who Starts For Brazil Between The Two Greats?

Manchester City and Liverpool. The first versus the second. Pep Guardiola vs Jurgen Klopp. The English Premier League has seen this booming rivalry for many years. However, there is another flavor battle in South America that is just as important. Ederson and Alison, are the two Brazilian numbers in their club.

The two guards are among the best in their position. This makes choosing one of them for Brazil in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar a unique headache. Tite will have to base his decision on some very complex data and performance in training. On top of that, it’s the World Cup in the winter, so more things to keep in mind.

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So, who got the target gesture for Silicao? football Presents each player’s status based on history, performance over the years, and shooting abilities.


Better with feet

This is no surprise. Ederson is coached by Guardiola who has a great tendency to make all of his players extremely adept at handling the ball. This includes the goalkeeper. It was the same case with Manuel Neuer at Bayern Munich, and now Ederson is one of City’s best defensive passers-by.

He did an average of 89% success in 2021-22 with a perfect 100% on the short and medium distances.

194/867 “high” pass attempts were made with an accuracy of 70%. Furthermore, Ederson feels comfortable receiving the ball in pressure situations and plays his way out of it. Guardiola has trained him well to find the open man a lot and he can be a real element in starting attacks from behind.

A nightmare for those who take penalty kicks

Ederson is great when it comes to saving penalties. He has saved 50% over the past year among goalkeepers across Europe. A lot has to do with Guardiola and the training stuff streaming into the competitors’ shots.

However, in the event of a match, the goalkeeper has to make the final decision based on how he feels.

Ederson reads the patron’s movements and expressions in advance allowing him to make a calculated guess. It could come in really handy if Brazil faced some fast players who are known for winning on penalties.

Holds the ball easily

In addition to how good Ederson’s foot is, he’s also reliable for holding the ball well. Ederson covered nearly 3,000 yards in more than 600 cars in 2021-22. The most creative thing about it all was that about 2,000 of those yards were progressive. This shows how confident Ederson is to push the ball and join the defensive third during possession. This could be important for the national team if there is a need to attack quickly and shoot long balls forward.


There is no place for crosses

Allison is an expert when it comes to stopping balls in the box. His 1.91m frame means he can reach crosses more easily than attackers.

This has enabled Allison to miss 10.7% of all 90’s crosses over the past year. This puts in the top 97 per cent of goalkeepers across the European leagues, meaning opponents have little chance of scoring.

Alisson controls his area well and is not afraid to attack to seize the ball. Therefore, Jurgen Klopp relies on his goalkeeper to great effect to save the team from trouble if they have problems at times.

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penalty area phenomenon

In addition to how well he handles crosses, Allison is also adept at handling things outside of his zone. It can be found sweeping often and hitting the edge more often to remove danger away. Alisson takes 1.35 defensive measures per 90 in this regard, so having him behind the backline is a bonus.

Given how much the Liverpool defenders love to play, this could be a real boon for Brazil. Furthermore, Allison also rushes off his line to intercept danger and allows the defense to regroup.

you shall not pass

Liverpool have great defenders. They have great defenders with an attacking mindset. Liverpool even has an amazing second goalkeeper. That’s why they are often prone to players being left behind. Alisson has more shots than Ederson so it only makes sense that he would have more balls. He saved 76% of the shots he faced in 2021-22, and that number will be up to 80% in no time.

Alisson is more acrobatic in his saves and has made several perfect performances in stopping almost impossible stops. Therefore, it makes sense to have a guard who can regularly block goals.


Titi preferred Allison on the national stage in his tenure so far. above Ederson. While both players are excellent at what they do, there can only be one player. It would be hard for either of them to miss it.

The World Cup is the pinnacle of football and every player wants to shine. Brazil is blessed with a high-quality talent to stop their goals which was a huge part of their successful Copa America 2019 victory.

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can Silicao You go all the way this time in Qatar? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure – Allison and Ederson will be very important pillars of this charge, no matter who starts the games.